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Create a custom Access Policy


I want to restrict web access to several categories for the Warehouse devices.

Basic Procedure

  1. Determine what devices you wish to restrict
  2. Put the devices into a Device Group
  3. Create an Action Group with the categories blocked per your preference
  4. Create an Access Policy to tie it all together

Using Wizard to build Access Policy

  1. Navigate to your company access policy dashboard in the Draw Bridge console.

  2. In the second section from the top to the far right from where it says 'Access Policy Dashboard For (Your Company Name), Click the '+' button.

  3. Enter a name for the policy.

    • You may not use spaces in this name so use the underscore _ instead.
  4. Leave the rest of this page set with the default settings, and click Next in the lower right corner.

  5. On the next page, the custom permissions are optional. Fill out only if needed, and click Next again.

  6. On this page you have several options.

    • You can chose for the policy to apply to all devices inside of or all devices outside of an already definded device group
    • Or you can use the bottom 2 boxes to create a new custom device group for this policy to apply to.
      • You may select more than one device to add in these boxes
  7. When device group has been specified click Next.

  8. Here again you have several options.

    • In the top box select an already configured Action Group to apply with this policy
    • Or you can use the lower 2 boxes to create a new Action Group by selecting a category and defining the action you want to apply to that category.
      • If you want to add more categories to this policy we will cover how to do that a few steps later.
  9. When complete click Next.

  10. Here again you have several options.

    • You can leave all boxes empty so the policy applies all the time
    • Or you can chose that this policy apply inside of or outside of an already configured Time Group.
    • Or you can create a new time group for this policy to apply.
  11. When complete click Next.

  12. This page should be left blank unless specifically directed differently so click Next.

  13. Click Validate & Save

    • You will now be shown the details page of the Policy you just created.
  14. To add more category action pairs, Click on the Categories tab in the middle bar.

  15. You now have 2 options:

    A. Click Add Category

    * Choose a category
    * Choose an action for that category
    * Click Save to add this category action pair to the action group.

    B. Click Bulk Assign Categories

    * This will show you a list of all the categories not already given an action in this action group with their default actions highlighted.
    * Note that there are multiple tabs deviding the categories by rating.
    * You may change any of these default actions by clicking on the action you would like changed.
    * When you have all the changes made that you would like to for this policy click **Save Category Actions** at the bottom of the page.
  16. You are now back at the policy details page. You can also adjust which devices this policy is applied to from the *Devices tab in the middle ribbon.