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Before you Create Records in Portal: Must Know

Entering Records in the Right Order

Because of the way records depend on each other, some records must be created before others. Note the following principles before creating records:

  1. Accountability records are used to group Companies together for uniform management and filtering as well as accountability reporting.
    • Accountability records can't be setup in portal, nor can any adjustment to them be made in portal other than assigning new companies to them.
  2. Company records are the main records.
    • These can be attached to an accountability group but this is not required.
    • For a company to be useful beyond contact info, there must be a company owner specified (see contact records)
  3. Contact records are dependent on company records and / or accountability records.
    • There can be multiple contact records associated with a single company.
    • One (no more, no less) contacts must be specified as company owner. This contact will be the one responsible to pay the bills for the company and be the designated person to authorize any changes to the account.
    • All other contacts will be Person contacts, typically associated with a device.
    • For data integrity these records have constraints on email (required) and mobile phone number (optional) to keep them unique. If a separate contact is needed for some reason but there is not a unique email or mobile phone number, you may use for the email.The mobile phone number is not required.
    • Contact records can be linked to multiple Companies. Note: This cannot be done in the portal.*
    • Lastly, contact records can also be associated with accountability records. Note: This cannot be done in the portal.
  4. Device records are dependent on a Company record and must be assigned to a Contact record.
    • Multiple devices can be assigned to the same contact record.
    • Each device must have a unique filter username and must begin with the username of the contact to which it is assigned.

Other Notes

Note: In portal you only have access to Companies you are associated with. If you are a company contact you will only have access to the Companies you are a contact for. If you are an accountability contact you will have access to all Companies in your accountability group.