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and Overview

Sign In

  1. Visit the Compass Portal at
  2. Click the Sign In button in the top menu bar, on the right side
  3. Click the Login with Clavis Auth button. (Clavis is Single-Sign-On service developed by Compass Foundation; when Compass Portal access was configured for your account, Clavis was configured as well)
  4. You'll be redirected to to sign-in. If you don't have a password, set one with the Forgot Username or Password button.
  5. After a successful Clavis sign-in, you'll be redirected back to


Once signed-in, click your name in the top menu bar, for a dropdown menu, then My Account. This will take you to the home page that displays sum-total statistics for all records/accounts you have access to.


The Compass Portal uses the same idea of Record Tenancy as the DrawBridge. Familiarize yourself with this in the DrawBridge Essential Concepts: Record Tenancy and Hierarchy document.

Homepage: Your Documents

  • Click the + button for a drop-down menu for options to add new records:
    • Device (Remote Device / Mobile Device Management record)
    • Appliance (DrawBridge)
    • Task (Support ticket)
    • Company (Company record)
    • Contact (Person record)
  • Click the black Download button to download the MapleLeaf Mobile Device Management software for Windows.
  • Click any line (eg. Quotations, Tasks, and so forth) in the list view to visit these records. Again, note that All records for All accounts you have access to will be displayed.

Records Lists

Each item under the Your Documents list, mentioned above, will display a list view when clicked on.

Several tools are available in this view:

  • Add a new record with the + button in the upper left
  • Search for an existing record with the Search field in the upper right
  • View additional list view pages with the number and/or Prev/Next buttons at the bottom of the list

Click on the name of any record to view that specific record.

Record View

A record will display information specific to that entity. For example, a Company record will show the Company Name, Address, contact information, and so forth.

Several tools are available in a record view, depending on the context and your permission settings:

  • Edit this record with the black pencil Update Record button in the upper left
  • Add a new record of this type (eg. Company) with the + Create Record button in the upper left
  • View linked records with the black buttons of the corresponding record type in the upper right. For example:
    • Company records will display Devices and Appliances
    • Device and Appliance records will display Tickets
  • Add associated records (eg. Contact, Device, or Appliance, when viewing a Company) with the + dropdown menu button in the upper right.
  • Perform Actions with the wrench dropdown menu button in the upper right:
    • Filter Actions: Deploy: Activate this record, including any subscriptions, and push to the designated DrawBridge filter server
    • Filter Actions: Confirm Filter Connection: Perform a connection test to the DrawBridge Filter server, using the configuration specified for this Device
    • MDM Actions: Sync to MDM: Push this record information to the specified MDM server (where applicable)
    • Mapleleaf Actions: Reset MapleLeaf License: Invalidate the existing MapleLeaf license code and create a new license code

Record Edit View

When making edits to a record:

  • Save your changes with the checkmark button in the upper left
  • Discard your changes with the black X button in the upper left


At virtually all locations in the Compass Portal, a "Breadcrumb trail" is available above the list and record views to aid your Compass Portal navigation.

The Breadcrumb trail shows a historical list of links that you visited in this current Compass Portal session.