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Get signed-in

Getting Started Introduction to the DrawBridge Console

Welcome to the DrawBridge web console! Let's get you signed-in: Ensure you're on a DrawBridge-protected local network Visit https://draw.bridge in your browser First visit? Set your password with the Forgot Password link: use the email address you gave Compas...

Introduction and Install Checklist

Getting Started Install your DrawBridge

Introduction The DrawBridge is a web content filter running on the DrawBridgeOS Linux distribution (Debian-based; as-of February 2023. Units deployed prior to that timeframe were running on ClearOS, a RHEL-based distribution). In addition to the content filter...

Pre-install Preparation

Getting Started Install your DrawBridge

Pick an Installation Type A. Gateway: ClearOS webconfig network mode: Gateway In this configuration, the DrawBridge uses one network interface set to External and one network interface set to LAN and becomes the Gateway for your network. This ensures that a...

Install Guide

Getting Started Install your DrawBridge

Installation Type A: Gateway Connect a network cable from the WAN port on the DrawBridge to a LAN port on your modem (or the only network port on single-port modems). By default, the DrawBridge WAN interface is configured to pull an IP address via DHCP. C...

Optional: Enable Remote Device Filtering

Getting Started Install your DrawBridge

If your modem is performing NAT, or you are using other equipment for your network gateway, it is essential to turn on DMZ or Port Forwarding on the gateway to the DrawBridge WAN/External interface IP address to enable Remote Device access. Required Remote Dev...

Network Addresses

Console Reference Docs Compass Foundation Infrastructure

Network Administrators: please ensure unrestricted access to the following addresses: US & Global services: IP Address Equivalent CIDR notation - - 65.140.68....

Abuse/Security Contact

Console Reference Docs Compass Foundation Infrastructure

Abuse/Security concerns: please email or call 856-974-5335


Console Reference Docs Additional Services

Passageway is a full-featured password management database and sync service that is hosted on the DrawBridge. Please visit for the Passageway documentation. Note: Passageway is only available to on-premises DrawBridge accounts (not c...


Console Reference Docs Devices

Create and manage Local and Remote Device records and corresponding Company and People associations, as well as static Device Groups Devices are the “target” of filter settings configured in Content Filter. Note: for proper network operation: all Devices need...

Local Devices

Console Reference Docs Devices

A Local Device record is an an entity intended to represent one Device on the local network, no matter how many network interfaces the Device has. (Exception: special IP Range devices; see FAQ below) Devices are created by: Auto-detection: The DrawBridge mon...

Remote Devices

Console Reference Docs Devices

A Remote Device connects through your DrawBridge from "outside" your network -- from the public Internet. Remote Devices are created by: A DrawBridge Console user: Click the + located in the upper right corner of the Local Devices list view to to create a n...

Device Groups

Console Reference Docs Devices

Device Group records are entities containing one or more Devices to which Access Policies can be applied. See Content Filter: Web Page Access for further information. In the Device Groups list view, click the drop-down arrow button to the left of a line name t...

SSL Certs

Console Reference Docs Devices

The DrawBridge CA certificate is required on all client devices for proper operation with the DrawBridge. Different operating systems require different certificate types or encoding types. This menu gives you the appropriate certificate for your operating syst...

External Networks

Console Reference Docs Devices

External Networks are used to assist with remote device authentication. This list is managed by Compass and generally should not be edited. If you know of a new network that should be listed, please submit a support ticket to Compass (support@compassfoundation...

Web Page Access

Console Reference Docs Content Filter

Access Policies are grouped by Tenancy type: Company Policy Group Universal Appliance/System See Essential Concepts: Record Model - Tenancy and Hierarchy for more information. Click the type of Access Policy for a list view of that type. In the list ...

App Stores

Console Reference Docs Content Filter

Allow access to platform App stores Access to operating system app stores is blocked by default because they cannot be internally content-filtered. Quick-access wizards to add Device Groups to preconfigured App Store Access Policy Groups, by platform: Apple ...

browser extensions

Media Room

Console Reference Docs Content Filter

The Media Room enables the classification of videos hosted on public video hosting websites, such as YouTube. Videos The Videos module displays a list view of all the videos the DrawBridge has classified. Click the title of a video in the list to view the vide...


Console Reference Docs Content Filter

Categories are grouped by type and origin: Builtin Categories Console Categories ACL Categories Parent Categories Click one of the Category Types displayed in the DrawBridge, and refer to the relevant section below for further information. Builtin Categories...

Filter Configuration

Console Reference Docs Content Filter

Configure various advanced components of the DrawBridge, including technical settings for the Redwood filter engine. ACLs and Auth Advanced ACL, Authentication, and Page Content Modification settings Advanced ACLs Advanced ACLs act on the network request (not ...


Console Reference Docs Content Filter

Realtime Log Viewer View live filter traffic data on this DrawBridge, system-wide. Use requires System Owner or higher permission levels. Individual Remote device Realtime Logs may be viewed by the Company Owner permission-level by visiting the Remote Device r...